Notes from GranadaMan:

Granada is the capital of the province of the same name, the Granada Province, and is nestled in the ski-famous Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Autonomous Region of Andalusia in Spain. A MUST-VISIT is Granada's Alhambra. Upon entering Granada's trademark landmark of the Alhambra - the 9th century Moorish Castle - the visitor can almost tast the presence of the 9th century moorish occupants. Below the Alhambra lies the glorious whitewashed city of Granada and its Albaicin/Albayzin & Sacramonte neighborhoods. Once can even visit the gypsy occupied "caves of Sacromonte" and see a tourist flamenco show there.

Tours of the Alhambra, Granada and the Albaicin

A number of Granada Tours are available to the Granada visitor. The city of Granada offers good, knowledgable tours of the Albaicin - in Spanish, and only one tour per week in English, unfortunately. Private tour companies also mostly provide walking tours of Granada in Spanish and English. The greatest number of tours offered in Granada are the tours of the Alhambra. Many guides, licensed or independent, offer various insights as to the history of the Alhambra.